«De la mano del 10» – Graffiti Tour.

En el marco de la asignatura «Art»  los alumnos de 4to año acompañados por la profesora Victoria Grehan y un guía de Graffitimundo realizaron un recorrido por las calles de nuestra ciudad especialmente intervenidas por artistas urbanos locales e internacionales. 

Compartimos uno de los trabajos realizado por un grupo de alumnos de 4to año, María Roggero, Jerónimo Leguizamón y Benjamín Mayol sobre esta visita: 


A few days ago, we went on a tour where we were shown different types of street art in Buenos Aires. While we were in the tour, we saw a piece of art that stood out to us. It was a mural of “La mano de Dios”, done by San Spiga, an artist who is known to do work in relation to Maradona and soccer.

This mural shows the hand of Maradona and a soccer ball, and as a background, yellow lines which give the illusion that the ball is glowing. This piece was done with stencils. This is a technique in which the artist cuts different shapes on a piece of cardboard or acrylic, which they later tape onto the wall and paint it with a specific color.

The artwork represents an important moment for many Argentinians, since soccer is considered to be very important in our culture and our society. This event represents when Maradona scored a goal using his hand in the ‘86 World Cup against England. It was a very controversial moment in that year’s World Cup and in football history.

Even though in the tour we were shown many interesting street artworks that had different meanings to it, we preferred this work of San Spiga because it is very simple, yet it has to do with something that we and many people can relate to, this being soccer.